Capri Trend at Museum of Modern Art, Baku

The Capri Foundation, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art in Baku present Capri Trend. Exhibition from April 26th to May 31st, 2014

Pubblicato il: 7/5/2014

Capri Trend at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda, Hamilton

Capri Trend, a photo exhibition that includes some of the most italian photographer Ferdinando Scianna, Olivo Barbieri, Maurizio Galimberti, Francesco Jodice, Irene Kung. March 7 - March 30 2014

Pubblicato il: 6/5/2014

Capri Trend

From 2014 Fondazione Capri will organize the new project Capri Trend, in the most prestigious museums and centers for contemporary art, around the world

Pubblicato il: 14/3/2014

Capri Trendwatching Festival

I buy, therefore I am? Signals of the future from Capri Trendwatching Festival, III edition

Pubblicato il: 28/5/2013

Capri Photography Festival

The Capri Foundation resumes on its cultural and artistic activities with a new show on the language of photography.

Pubblicato il: 25/7/2012


Artists meet students at Capri's Ippolito Nievo Institute [video]

Pubblicato il: 28/5/2012

Mediterranean. An Anthology by Images

Fondazione Capri will resume its cultural and artistic activity in this summer event, completely dedicated to language, contemporary art and photography.

Pubblicato il: 19/3/2009

What point is the night? Capri Trendwatching Festival 2011

What is the future of consumption going to be like in the aftermath and in times of crisis? This is just one of the many questions a bunch of entrepreneurs, economists, intellectuals and trendforecasters will try to answer on the second edition of Capri Trendwatching Festival.

Pubblicato il: 18/3/2009

Mimmo Jodice, Figure del mare (Figures From The Sea)

Fondazione Capri will host this year the second edition of a show featuring the greatest photography artists.

Pubblicato il: 17/3/2009

Capri Trendwatching Festival

The first International Trendwatching Observatory promoted by the Capri Foundation.

Pubblicato il: 16/3/2009